Wood Fire Pizza Catering Chef

Wood Fire Pizza Catering Chef

Award Winning Artisan Chef
Summary of Order Process

Wood Fire Pizza Catering chef and owner Anthony Acker

beginnings of a wood fire pizza catering chef.


My formative years where spent on a farm and working ranch in Oregon. A rural life demonstrated to me fresh wholesome food and wood fire cooking.  However, it did more then develop my palette and technical skills.  It provided me an understanding of how wholesome food helps your well being and creates the best flavors.

My teen years significantly transformed my upbringing even further. First of all, I cooked with James Beard at his Seaside Oregon Cooking School.  The Dean of Gourmet fueled my passion for local, wholesome fresh food.  Later, I started at Jakes Famous Crawfish in Portland, Oregon.  Jakes was a legendary restaurant that created a new menu everyday from local ingredients.

Later, I expressed my love of artisan food with the specialty artisan coffee and food movement.  By eventually building, creating and expanding a European styled scratch bakery and café’ concept into nine locations. However an unlimited supply of scratch made baked goods created my own gluten health issues.  My personal and professional experiences lead me to natural yeast, fermentation and stone ground flour.  

Eventually, I had cured my own digestion issues before gluten intolerance was a topic of conversation. Afterwards the rise of the gluten free movement and its false information inspired me again.  As a result it was time to educate people on how you can eaten gluten even with digestion issues.

I tapped into my extensive knowledge of wood fired ovens from running one at the bakery and through consulting. Tools in hand, I had to built a custom wood fire pizza catering oven to prepare this unique style of dough.

On January 1st, 2015 Wheat and Fire was created and a woodfire pizza catering chef was born!


winning awards along the way:


First Awards and Mentions in the Specialty Coffee Industry:

Fresh Cup Magazine 1992 to 1998 – Worked closely with Ward Barbee as a result received multiple editorial and article mentions.

Specialty Coffee Retailers 1992 to 1998 – Multiple article contributions and editorial mentions.

Second Group of Awards and Mentions in the Artisan Food Movement:

Oregon State Fair 1997 to 2002 – Blue and Red Ribbons: cinnamon roll, Italian sausage, chocolate cake, chocolate croissant, roast beef and baked bread.

Willamette Weekly 1998 to 2005 – Notable Awards, Best of Portland Cheap Eats and Top Bakery, multiple recipes, editorial mentions and article contributions.

The Rocket Newspaper 1999 and 2000 – First Artisan Bakery and Café First Place Winner.

Portland Mercury 2000 to 2005 – Notable, PDX Approved Top Bakery and Café Annual Additions.

Portland Monthly 2003 to 2006 – Worked with Nicole Vogel to help shape the food section with editorial mentions along the way.

Third Group of Awards and Wood Fired Pizza Catering.

Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School 2001 to 2006 – Awarded certification for teaching graduate internships.

Food Services of America 2006 to 2008 – Helped Tom Staley in their sustainability program as a result FSA became the first broad line food distributor certificated by the Food Alliance.

Food Service Consulting 2007 to 2015 – moved away from retail food operations and did numerous consulting projects for several food concepts and my masters in business administration.

Los Angeles 2012, on a consulting gig I fell in love with the energy, art and people of this city. I knew once here I would have to jump back into food operations.
On January 1st, 2015 Wheat and Fire was born!

Woodfire pizza catering is now my passion – I hope you will enjoy it with me!