Artisan Pizza Caterer

Artisan Pizza Caterer

How We Do So Much More ...

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Our Ingredients, Amazing Healthy Dough, Our Farm Fresh Standards, and the Head Pizza Caterer.

Pizza caterer using fresh herbs and cooking spices

Pizza Caterer Organic, All Natural, Farm Fresh and Kosher Ingredients

Find out about our Wood Fired Pizza Catering Organic Ingredients.

An award winning chef creates all of our amazing artisan menu components fresh from scratch (except the cheeses, he needs his beauty rest).  We top this off by using only organic, all natural, farm fresh and even a few kosher ingredients. Use the above link to see and read about each of our ingredients we use in our pizza menu and get the spirit of our creativity!

pizza caterer dough using natural sourdough starter

Pizza Caterer using Fresh Ground Flour

Details about the only Wood Fire Pizza Catering using Fresh Ground Flour.

A dough unlike any other made from non GMO, chemical free certified and heritage wheat grain we then fresh grind for each order; than use natural yeast and a two day fermentation to optimize flavor and alleviate most gluten digestion issues for thousands of customers (wheat allergies and autoimmune will still have issues).

Pizza Caterer Fresh Organic Herbs

Pizza Caterer Growing Their Own Herbs and Vegetables

A link to our Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering Farm to Fork at our Farm.

We take the quality of our food very seriously and want to ensure we have a supply of organic herbs.  We show our artisan food ability by growing our own organic herbs and vegetables at our one acre farm in Beaumont, California.  What caterer actually grows all of their own herbs and vegetables? We might be a bit passionate about our food.

Our Chef Tony Pizza Caterer

Award Winning Pizza Caterer Chef

Learn more about our Wood Fire Pizza Catering Award Winning Chef here.

Our award winning chef creates a fun, flavorful and innovative farm to fork menu like no other.  Chef Anthony has over 20 years in the food and baking industry and his passion really shines in our unique artisan food.  No other pizza caterer built their oven to perfect their pizza baking and add ambiance to your event.

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