Wood Fired Artisan Cuisine

Mix and Match Items from Our Scratch made Farm to Fork Artisan Menu

BUDGET FRIENDLY CATERING Drop Off in Plant Based Containers and guests open and eat (no staff needed)

BUDGET FRIENDLY CATERING Self Serve Guests Refill Containers, keep clean and organized (no staff needed)

BEST VALUE STAFF SERVICE Buffet Service our staff keep putting food out for guests, help and stay organized.

BEST VALUE FULL SERVICE Family Style pass food to each other no smaller then groups of 12 (extra staff and food required).

EXPENSIVE FULL SERVICE Plated Service Extra food and staff required to plate, garnish and serve guests and a set serving time.

Purchase 3 bite portions or finger appetizers and we provide 30 minutes additional on site time  – 4 and get an hour.

Bite Sized Portions can be Passed $.50 per guest individually garnished, decorated and ready to serve (does not include staff).

All natural plant based serviceware, wood utensils and boats.  NOTICE: We only take our food pictures in clear plastic for better food detail.

Our Food Menu Service ware:
We use ONLY natural plant based service, cleaners, dinner and tableware.

Stylish Utensils and Heated Serving Equipment for Buffet Service.

The Quality and visual appealf of Chafers, tools and utensil far exceed any caterer at our price point.

Bambooware for Healthy
Eating is All Natural and Sustainable.

Buffet style appetizers and salad are presented in bamboo composite serviceware.

Fallen Palm Leaf Compostable, Sustainable and durable dinnerware.

10″ Dinner Plate, wood fork and kraft napkin $1.50 @guest – Dinner Set change out our kraft napkin for a knife.

Palm Leaf plate for Appetizer Buffet or make a full dinner service set.

7″ plate and kraft cocktail napkin $.50 @guest and/or add the 7″ plate to your dinner set for $.35 @guest


Bite sized portion 2 pieces for each guest – side 5 pieces

Bombay Bang – Vegan Heat!
$3@appetizer bite – $5@dinner side

Fusion chef inspired flavors from the far east for a rich backdrop that brings the heat.

Buffalo – Vegan Heat!
$3@appetizer bite – $5@dinner side

Covered in smoked pepper batter and then fire roasted for our chef inspired take on buffalo wings.

Mac-n-Cheese (vegan +.50) $3@appetizer bite – $5@dinner side

A real rue based wonderland of flavor, this is not like any other .. and fire roasted cauliflower!

Parmesan (vegan +.50) $3@appetizer bite – $5@dinner side

Covered in fresh herbs, spices and parmesan then wood fired to golden crispness.

Stuffed Sweet and Hot Peppers

Bite Size Mini Peppers $3@guest – Full Size Pablo or Bell Pepper $5@guest


Herb & Cheese Sweet Peppers

Farm fresh herbs, cream cheese and spices blended then stuffed inside our heritage mini bell peppers and baked.

Classic Italian Sweet Peppers

Our fresh herb pizza sauce, brown rice and our wonderful sausage are combined and then baked.

Hot Pepper Bacon and Cheddar

Jalopeno peppers split in half and baked with cream cheese, smoked bacon and cheddar cheese

Classic Hot Pepper Popper

Cream Cheese with a touch of sweet chilli pepper jam added to this classic comfort food.

Scratch Made Fresh Herb Meatballs

Bite Size 2 2oz balls $3@guest – Side 5 – $5@guest


Meatballs with BBQ Sauce glaze (client rented serviceware shown).

Fresh herb sausage, glazed in fresh made BBQ sauce then fire roasted.

Spicey BBQ

SoCal loves the warmth, so we added a bit of heat to our BBQ Sauce for this warm your toes option.

Vegan GF Meatballs

Mixed vegetables and greens from our culinary garden fused together with quinoa and black beans.

Chicken GF

Garden Greens, Chicken and our culinary garden fresh herbs formed together for this wonderful GF option.

Mac-n-Cheese (shown as bite size)
$3@appetizer bite – $5@dinner side

We create our Mac N Cheese from a real rue for richer flavor and creamier consistency with wagon wheel pasta.

(white sauce shown in side portion) Flavors for Mac N Cheese:

Classic, White Sauce and Mild Peppers + vegan .50, Spicy Jalapeno, Wood Smoked Bacon

Mini Heritage Stuffed Potatoes $3@appetizer bite

A heritage potato boiled and scooped then filled with our creamy filling and baked “twice baked”.

Full Size Russet Stuffed Potato $4 @full size

Flavors for all potatoes:  Rosemary and Parmesan, Classic Italian, Bacon and Cheddar, Jalapeno.

Fresh Noodle Lasagna
$3@appetizer bite – $5@dinner side

Fresh noodles with sausage, ricotta, all natural mozzarella, spices to make a party favorite.

Eggplant Lasagna VEG/VEGAN
$3@ bite – $5@dinner side (pictured)

Eggplant and Ricotta with our Fresh Herbs or Tofu Ricotta and our fresh herbs and vegetables.

Root Vegetables – VEGAN
$3@appetizer bite – $5@dinner side

Seasonal root vegetables covered in herb and seasoning infused olive oil then fire roasted.

Wood Smoked Vegetables – VEGAN
$3@appetizer bite – $5@dinner side

Seasonal vegetables covered in herb and seasoning infused olive oil then wood smoked and grilled.

Did Someone Say Dessert?

Our Head Chef and Owner has extensive pastry experience – special request just ask.

Molten Chocolate Drops
$2@guest (min. 50 guests)

Award winning melt in your mouth fresh baked amazing …  Created last 20 minutes of service – no pizzas.

Dense Chocolate Brownies $3@guest (min of 30)

Natural leavening to make our 8 ingredient chocolate fudge masterpiece – can be served anytime.

Peaches and Cream
$3@guest (min 30) – Seasonal.

Wood roasted with infused mint whip cream, maple syrup drizzle and oat crumbles.  Last 20 minutes of service.

Tiramisu $4.5 @ 3″ x 3″ square per guest (min 30)

Our own wood roasted coffee and fresh made lady fingers knock this classic out of the park with our chef inspired twist.

Presented bar style to allow guests to mix and match their love of great desserts.

Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake
$3@ (min 30)

Presented bar style to allow guests to mix and match their love of great desserts.

Espresso Cheese Cake $3@guest  (min 30)

Our Fresh Wood Roasted Coffee Highlights this wonderful Dessert presented bar style.

Chocolate Shortbread Pumpkin $3@ (min 30)

A new spin on an old classic with wonderful spices and chocolate shortbread crust.

Fresh Lemon Bars $3@guest (min 30)

Taking boring lemon bars to new heights with shortbread and a secret spice.

Gluten-free guests love our commitment to quality, health and education (link to more about our amazing dough).

Allergy or Celiac: We do not cross contaminate by offering a gluten free crust (all pizza is exposed to flour).  We create a meal sealed safely for those with a severe reaction or concern – $25@ guest.

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