Portable Pizza Oven Catering

Portable Pizza Oven Catering

Our Setup, Design and Style

Professional, clean and organized.
You will not find ice baths, broken equipment, and makeshift containers.
We use professional equipment, storage, and food handling to ensure a safe catering.
All our staff are in Branded chef coats and aprons to fit the theme you choose below.
portable pizza oven wedding guests eating
Large events or small, we stay
on point and our experience shows.
portable pizza oven appetizer station
We use all sustainable plant based
serving ware for your health.
portable pizza oven behind the scenes
Clean, Safe and Organized, with everything
in insulated bags or containers.
portable pizza oven pizza setup and trays
Plant Based Wax Paper and Boxes.
portable pizza oven table settings
Upgradeable palm leaf plates.
portable pizza oven pizza making urban chic
Natural Hand Sanitizer and/or Gloves.

Knowledgeable Artisan Staff

Polished Professional Look

On-Site Chef Crafted

Choose Your Portable Pizza Oven Theme:

portable pizza oven urban chic apron
portable pizza oven urban chic oven
portable pizza oven urban chic with tent

Urban Chic Theme for our portable pizza oven:
black fitted windproof table covers – black denim aprons – black tent –
dark grey food containers – black Burlap or Clear Vinyl protective table covers.


portable pizza oven rustic chic apron
portable pizza oven rustic chic oven
portable pizza oven rustic chic tent

Rustic Chic Theme for our portable pizza oven:
natural colored fitted windproof table covers – natural linen aprons – beige tent –
light grey food containers – natural burlap or clear vinyl table covers.


Our Mobile Pizza Oven Details:

We custom built our oven for our unique style of dough,
to produce a high volume of pizzas while producing amazing flavors.

It is the smallest professional oven available.
Setting up in driveways is fun for guests and a great experience!

portable pizza oven catering wood fired

Portable Pizza Oven Setup Area and Information.

Our Portable Pizza Set Up:
1. We are self contained not requiring water, electricity or lighting (your guests may require lighting)
2. We need clear sky above or right near the oven remember smoke can blow down on guests.
3. We do not bring trash receptacles for guests or clean up unless specifically contracted.
4. Our ingredient tables require a somewhat level resting place (5% slope or less) to not slide of.

Our Oven Details:
1. We need 90″ High to roll the oven and 58″ Wide.
2. Our oven can not go over steps, curbs, bumps (there may be a rare allowance based on an onsite picture).
3. The oven can rest and roll over compacted gravel and sand, low cut grass and other firm surfaces.
4. It can not be pushed up a slope more then 5% without a vehicle and ample room to maneuver.
5. We cannot go through a structure or near flammable materials (it is still 700 degrees when we leave).
6. Any rolling of the oven from vehicle parking must be approved 10 days before your event.
We want your event to go well both before, during and after as well as the safe return of our equipment and the property occupied.
Tent and Party layout for our portable pizza oven catering