Many caterers approach weddings as just another party – they are not!
Weddings are the most challenging events – early arrival and vendor experience is a must.

Bride and Groom Pizza and Appetizer - Live Action Shots - Artisan Style Decoration with Edible Flowers and Herbs we grow.

(available with our passed appetizer option)

cocktail reception artisan made food
Bride and Groom Appetizer Plate
hor d'oeuvres personaly deocrated and served
finger food plated and decorated
Finger Food Catering for Weddings
Gourmet Dinner Wedding Service Buffet Style
Wedding Eats Decorated with Flowers Organically Grown
Pamper the Bride and Groom with epicurean delights
Portable Wood Fired Food and Cuisine
Indulge foodie guests with epicurean delights

Do to our busy schedule and our need to provide a superior experience for your guests.

We only accept wedding inquiries from couples looking to provide appetizers and salad with pizza.
We extend our onsite time with 3 appetizers for 30 minutes and 4 is one hour (full guest count).

FUN FACT: When Planning it is advised to give caterers your guaranteed guest count, as most only allow a slight reduction.

NOTICE:  We no longer provide tastings as our fully booked schedule, referred client demand, time required to grow, create and make our menu keeps us busy.  Please reference the bottom of our home page for our many awards, reviews and mentions.  We can also refer you to many wedding coordinators we have worked with.

Let the Experts Help

Vegan artisan nourishment created menusYour guests travel, get dressed up and are adding to your special day. Reward their efforts and appetites with plentiful artisan organic food.

Wood Fired Pizza Wedding CateringDespite our suggestions this group released all 225 guests at once – staggered guest approach is best for any buffet style service.

On site Fresh Wedding CookingStress free parents, bride and groom with a few simple suggestions from the experts.  Food is often overlooked – yet it is the most important!


Courses: Plan on two courses for guests.  The second course (or Seconds) is for guests to go back up and get more or try other options.  2nds is a great time to give less important speeches, father bride dance, picture taking, etc.  An announcement once 1st course is through to let guests now they can approach as they like.

Buffet Lines: It takes time for guests to get their food in buffet service (100 people making quick choices at the buffet takes about 50 minutes for 1st course).  Table releasing is a must for any buffet.  Everyone usually approaches all at once no matter how casual the wedding; then you have boring lines and reduced choices slowing down the flow even more.  We can make our recommendations for how long to allow for dinner.

Table Releasing: Fun DJ?  Couples trivia, games (send your champion!), bingo, drawings, or even a number system to stagger guests first course (stagger 10 guests every five minutes).  Another option is to have your coordinator let each table know they can go discreetly.  The options are endless let us know if you need help!

When Does this Start? An itinerary/timeline helps you to see how your day is going to flow and avoid potential problems. Vendors can really help – get their input!  We require a final timeline 14 days before your wedding, changes after that may not be able to be accommodated due other events, scheduling or logistical issues.

Vendor Meals: It is customary due to the long onsite time of vendors that you provide a meal.  We add this increase to the dinner portion of your invoice and provide an extra disposable plate.


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