Mobile Pizza Wedding Catering

Mobile Pizza Wedding Catering

Your Special Day
Order Process Summary

Pizza Wedding Catering is a fun way to bring your Wedding to life!
It is best to fully read this detailed page to make your special day better.

wedding pizza catering couple eats pizza instead of cake

We do several Wedding Pizza Caterings a Month, our experience will show.

Most pizza wedding caterers approach weddings as just another catering – they are not!
Weddings are the most challenging events and early arrival is a must.

We communicate and coordinate so your day goes well (this page is a great example).
There is a reason we are on Google Search First Page Nationally for Pizza Wedding Catering.

pizza wedding catering couples pizza eating fun

Video Collaboration of several of our pizza wedding caterings (lower quality for faster load time).

Several of the Different Design elements in this video where provided by the clients.

Wedding Pizza Catering Food Appetizer Service and Package Options

These appetizer packages come with extra incentives to help make your day memorable.
The more you order the more you save on our organic farm fresh food.
The Entertainer Pizza Party Package is the most common choice for weddings.

our pizza catering parties descriptions.

Weddings are by far the hungriest guests we serve – especially when they hear about our creations!
It is very important to have appetizers before main service to avoid a rush for any fresh
made on site food like pizza -this is essential to during the first hour of service!
our pizza party catering food menu can be found here.

Appetizer Package discounts for Wedding Pizza Catering

To incentive couples to get appetizers to have happy guests.
Our Pizza Party Package options are separate and located here:
pizza catering parties descriptions.

mobile pizza oven catering at saddle rock ranch Los Angeles California
Simple Gathering Food Package:
Choose any three items from our food menu (not including cookies) and we will set up a separate appetizer station for guests during cocktail hour before pizza service. It is best to include a salad with the pizza buffet.
mobile pizza oven catering at pioneer town near Palm Springs California
Friends and Family Food Package:
Buy any four food items for all of your guests (no partials) and we set up a separate appetizer station during cocktail hour and keep it stocked.
Includes a discount of $1@ guest.

mobile pizza oven catering Hollywood california
The Growing Guest List Food Package:
Order five appetizer items (no partials) and get a separate appetizer station with dedicated staff to keep it organized during cocktail hour.
Per Guest discount of $2@ guest.
mobile pizza oven catering wedding event Oxnard California
A Wedding Event Food Package:
Order six food items per guest (no partials) and get a separate appetizer station with dedicated staff to keep it organized.
Per Guest discount of $3@ guest.
In Case You Missed Our Appetizer Food Menu is Here.

Need Help with Your Service and Cleanup?
We can provide pricing for additional staff as needed for your pizza wedding catering.
This is on a per case basis and your vision of the wedding celebration.
Your wedding may require additional staff depending on the layout of the facility and your needs;
table clearing, busing, beverage refilling, long service distances, difficult layouts, long distances, etc.
We charge an extra $85 per additional server.
This rate is one of the lowest in the industry – we want your big day to go smoothly!

pizza wedding catering at Graf barn in Oxnard California
Casual Event: Pizza wedding catering is made fresh by our staff no more then 20 minutes ahead of service for quality. Therefore, it is important that a full 2 hour service window and two courses is understood by guests via DJ announcement, staggered table release, etc.

First course (1st hour) guests should have a few pizza slices, salads and bites, etc. to get everyone through the line quickly and have ample choices.
Second course (2nd hour) especially for larger groups, guests come and go freely to try other pizza options and eat as much as they desire.

Avoid A Rush: It is highly recommended to have a cocktail or appetizer hour and encourage guests to snack to avoid a rush for the pizza – people get very excited about wedding pizza catering! This keeps the line flowing and provides others with ample choices, as we make pizzas on demand.

Table Releasing Wedding Pizza Catering is not a formal sit down food or an all at once eating event. If table seating is a priority then consider fun things such as couples trivia, bingo and drawings to stagger guests first course. An itinerary for guests really helps and encourages everyone to snack during cocktail hour (we can be our own worst enemy with everyone waiting for our pizza).


Time Schedule: Due to a pizza weddings special requirements we will arrive 2 hours before the start of service (unless a smaller wedding). We have found that the area requirements, getting with the proper person, heating up the oven, etc. requires more time.

Equipment/Settings: We provide our usual party setup found here. If you have additional needs we recommend contacting a rental company (most caterers mark up rental service fees).

We are here to make your wedding pizza catering special, let us know how we can help!
(Just a few more of the many different types of wedding we have done)
pizza catering a wedding at night
pizza served at a wedding family style catering
pizza wedding catering rustic lounge appetizer setup
pizza wedding catering our appetizer station
wedding pizza wood fired catering appetizers
wedding pizza catering getting ready for the guests
wedding pizza catering mr and mrs chairs
pizza wedding catering guests relaxing
pizza wedding catering table setup chic sustainable

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