Mobile Pizza Wedding Catering

Mobile Pizza Wedding Catering

Your Special Day without the Stress.

Pizza Wedding Catering is a fun way to bring your special day to life!
(this page will guide you for live fire catering)

wedding pizza catering couple eats pizza instead of cake

We have done over 250 Wedding Pizza Caterings.

Other pizza wedding caterers approach weddings as just another catering – they are not!
Weddings are the most challenging events and early arrival and vendor experience is a must.

Take advantage of this page and our experience to have your day go well.
We hear so many stories about other caterers not able to feed guests!

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Wedding Pizza Catering Food Appetizer and Menu Options:

Weddings are by far the hungriest guests we serve – especially when they hear about our creations!
It is very important to have appetizers before main service to feed your guests,
and two side or one dinner salad for plate coverage.
our pizza party catering food menu can be found here.

If you buy three or more appetizer options for all of your guests we will include an
appetizer buffet station 1hr before pizza for 3 hours of on site food time.
Time starts with apps service (3pm then we stop serving at 6pm regardless of itinerary breaks).
We can be contracted for longer service times on a case by case basis.

Video Collaboration of our pizza wedding caterings (lower quality for faster load time).

The Different Design elements in this video where provided by the clients.

Need Help Serving Your Guests?

Your wedding may require additional staff depending on the layout of the facility and your needs;
shuttling pizzas away from the oven, passed appetizers, long service distances, difficult layouts.
We charge an extra $85 per additional server for two hours ($30@ additional hour).
We can provide additional staff to help with clean up, break down, beverage service, liquid catering, etc.
This is on a per case basis and your vision of the wedding, we do not do clean up, break down or set up of the guest area unless detailed on our invoice.

pizza wedding catering at Graf barn in Oxnard California
It is highly recommended to have a cocktail or appetizer hour to allow for pictures, changes, reduce standing around and to allow guests to snack (curb hunger). Think about your guests and how long they have had to travel and/or wait to eat.

Service Time: It is important that a full two hour service window is understood by guests, wedding planners and DJ’s. Only allowing 1 hour for dinner service is a bad idea. First course (1st hour) normal service, Second course (2nd hour) especially needed with 125+ guests to get through the line and come back for seconds (they will want seconds).

Boring Lines: It takes guests time to get there food (100 people about 50 minutes no matter the buffet). If everyone decides to approach all at once, you have a boring line and reduced choices slowing down the flow even more. Do not have your guests approach all at once for any buffet service.

Table Releasing: If table seating is a priority then consider couples trivia, games (send your champion!), bingo, drawings, or even a number system to stagger guests first course (stagger 10 guests every five minutes). Second course can be a great time for less important speeches so people feel they can come get seconds if your timeline is tighter.

When Does this Start? An itinerary is HIGHLY recommended, especially for vendors so they can help make your day go smoother. Vendor suggestions are going to be your number one source of information. It is also recommended for you to see how your day is going to flow and avoid potential problems.


Time Schedule: Due to a pizza weddings special requirements we will arrive 1 hour before (not late like some casual caterers) our first service time. We have found that the area requirements, getting with the proper person, on site changes all requires more time then normal caterings.

If their are delays in your schedule we need to know as soon as possible as we make our food fresh on site. We will only be on site to serve for two hours (three continuous hours with appetizers) from our agreed time regardless of delays. We may be able to extend this time on site for a fee depending on our other catering commitments.

We need clear access to leave at the end of our service window and will pack up and remove ourselves within 45 minutes.

We are here to make your wedding pizza catering special, let us know how we can help!
(Just a few more of the many different types of wedding we have done)
pizza catering a wedding at night
pizza served at a wedding family style catering
pizza wedding catering rustic lounge appetizer setup
pizza wedding catering our appetizer station
wedding pizza wood fired catering appetizers
wedding pizza catering getting ready for the guests
wedding pizza catering mr and mrs chairs
pizza wedding catering guests relaxing
pizza wedding catering table setup chic sustainable

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We do weddings from Los Angeles to Palm Springs to Idyllwild to Pioneertown to Big Bear.