Pizza Party Catering Food Menu

Pizza Party Catering Food Menu

Chef Made Artisan Food

We Hand Craft every item on our Artisan Food Menu from Scratch
using organic, farm fresh, all natural, nonGMO and some Kosher ingredients.
We grow our own herbs and vegetables using seasonal components to complete our menu.

Our Pizza Party Food Menu Serviceware:

We use all natural plant based service and tableware.

Bamboo Sustainable Service Ware for our Pizza Party Food Menu

Our Bambooware for Healthy
Eating is All Natural and Sustainable.

If the appetizers are not passed we present the food buffet style in heated stainless steel or bambooware.

pinewood boats for appetizer pass service pizza parties

Passed Appetizers add .50@guest
Individually Garnished and Decorated Appetizers.

Our pinewood boats and palm leaf are Compostable, All Natural and Sustainable (Ask about hiring our servers).

Bambooware leaf Sustainable table service for Pizza Party Food Menu

Sustainable Palm Leaf Plate Sets
All Natural, Compostable and Sustainable.

Palm Leaf plates hold up to seconds with our fun wood flatware and kraft dinner napkin (+$1.50@ guest).

Kraft Paper Disposable and Compostable pizza party plates

Paper Plates, Corn Plastic
Flatware, Compostable and Sustainable.

Compostable Plates, Corn Plastic Flatware and Kraft Napkin dress up casual affairs (+$.5@ guest).

Pizza party catering Starters:

Our bites are in appetizer portion.

Pizza Party Mediterranean Crudité Tray

Mediterranean Crudité
$4@Guest (min. 30 guests)

Chefs choice of seasonal garden fresh vegetables and grapes with chef made hummus and jalapeno ranch dips.

Fresh Made Brushetta for Pizza Party Catering Los Angeles

Fresh Made Bruschetta (vegan +$.50)
$3@guest (min. 30)

Heritage cherry tomatoes and basil from our farm, fresh herb cream cheese, our fresh ground flour bread and drizzle sauces.

Pizza Party Catering Stuffed Mini Bell Peppers

Mini Stuffed Bell Peppers (vegan +$.50)
$3@guest (min. 30)

A unique and festive starter with our fresh herbs, cream cheese and spices topped with our legendary drizzles.

Wood Fired Pizza Catering Caprese Sticks

Heirloom Caprese Sticks
$3@guest (min. 30)

Our balsamic reduction drizzled on fresh all natural mozzarella, our farm fresh grown basil and heritage cherry tomatoes, simple yet complex.

Made On Site Crostinis

Our organic bread with fresh garlic, herbs and spices blended with cream cheese and mascarpone spread.

Basil and Goat Cheese Crostini for Pizza Party Catering

Basil, Goat Cheese and Tomato
$3@Guest (min. 30 guests)

Organic garden fresh heritage cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and all natural goat cheese.

Pizza Party Catering Crostini Appetizers

Olive, Feta, Sundried Tom. and Scallion
$3@guest (min. 30)

All Natural Feta with olive tapenade, organic scallions and sundried tomato pesto.

Pizza Party Catering Crostini Jalapeno & Salame

Salame, Chimi Churri, Jalap. and Cheese
$3@guest (min. 30)

All natural uncured salame, chimi churri, jalapeños and organic cream cheese.

Pizza Party Catering Bacon Date Marmalade

Bacon, Blue Cheese and Date
$3@guest (min. 30)

All natural uncured bacon, all natural blue cheese and date marmalade.

Pizza party catering green salads:

Side salad portions to cover a 5″ plate – dinner size to cover 8″ for each guest.

Pizza Party Catering Caesar Salad

Hand Tossed Caesar Salad
$3@guest side – $5@ dinner (min. 30)

White anchovies, garlic, lemon, olive oil, fresh herbs and spices, our own fresh made croutons and fresh shaved pecorino romano.

our pizza party catering this lovely goat cheese pecan salad

Walnut, Goat Cheese & Craisins
$4@guest side – $7@ dinner (min. 30)

Organic Farm fresh mixed greens, fire roasted walnuts, dried cranberries, goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Pizza Party Garden medley salad

Garden Medley Salad – VEGAN
$3@guest side – $5@ dinner (min. 30)

Organic Greens with thinly sliced vegetables from our farm with an assortment of seasonal scratch made dressings.

Pizza Party Catering Greek Salad

Greek Chop Salad
$4@guest side – $7@ dinner (min. 30)

Romaine with kalamata olives, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers and sundried tomato herb dressing.

Pizza party catering Hors d’oeuvres:

Bite sized appetizer portion for each guest – some can be made vegan.

root Vegetables for pizza party caterings

Seasonal Root Vegetables – VEGAN
$3@guest bite – $5@guest side

Seasonal root vegetables covered in garlic infused olive oil and fresh herbs then fire roasted.

Pizza Party Catering All Natural Meatballs

All Natural Meatballs
$3@guest bite – $5@guest side

Award winning sausage with herbs and spices for a one of a kind meatball, drizzled with chimi churri, sundried and basil pesto.

root Vegetables for pizza party caterings

Parmesan Encrusted Cauliflower (vegan +$.50)
$3@guest bite – $5@guest side

Battered in fresh herbs, spices and parmesan then wood fired to golden crispness.

buffalo cauliflower for pizza party caterings

Buffalo Cauliflower (vegan +$.50)
$3@guest bite – $5@guest side

Glazed with smoked peppers batter to add heat and then fire roasted for our chef inspired take buffalo wings.

Pasta Bites (can be gluten free):

Bite sized pasta portion for each guest.

Pizza Party Catering Mac and Cheese

Mac-n-Cheese Bites (vegan +$.50)
$3@guest bite – $5@guest side

A real rue based 4 cheese wonderland of flavor with our fresh herb garnish and drizzle sauces, this is not like any other .. and pinwheel pasta!

Pizza Party Catering Fresh Noodle Lasagna

Fresh Noodle Lasagna
$3@guest bite – $5@guest side

Using our flour to make fresh noodles with all-natural sausage, ricotta, all natural mozzarella, spices and pesto drizzle to make a party favorite.

Pizza Party Catering Vegan Pasta

Pesto Pasta Salad – VEGAN
$3@guest Bite – $5@guest side

Vegan pesto pasta salad with a three day preparation to perfect the taste with fresh herb garnish and gemelli and casarecce organic pasta noodles.

Pizza Party Catering Zesty Italian Pasta Salad

Zesty Italian Pasta Salad
$3@guest bite – $5@guest side

Not just any pasta salad, we do a two day preparation to perfect and garnish with fresh herbs using gemelli and casarecce organic pasta noodles.

Pizza Party Cauliflower mac-n-cheese

Cauliflower Mac-n-Cheese (vegan +$.50)
$4@guest bite – $7@guest side

Cauliflower covered in our cheese sauce seasoned to perfection.

Pizza Party Catering Chocolate Drops

Chocolate Drops
$2@guest (min. 50 guests)

Our fresh ground flour award winning chocolate drop melt in your mouth amazing … right out of the oven!

Pizza Party Catering Sourdough Fudge Brownies

Dense Chocolate Fudge Brownies
$3@guest (min. 30 guests)

Our fresh ground flour, natural leavening to make a 8 ingredient chocolate fudge masterpiece!

Wood Fired Catering Roasted Peaches

Peach Cobbler
$3@guest (min. 30 guests)

Chef Inspired wood roasted peach halves with mint whip cream and oat crumbles