We believe in working with our clients to overcome the challenges that may occur from the complications of life.  Feel free to contact us to work through any issues before, during and after an event.

Time Schedule:  We arrive 1 hour before our serve time, if delayed we can still make serve time.  If we are unable to make our serve time we will extend the time by how long we were delayed.  If we are delayed on site by no fault of our own we can not extend the time without extra cost (see serve time below).  We need thirty minutes to break down, if we do not have access to leave after 30 minutes we will bill $75.00 every half hour.

Serving Delays:  We start making pizzas 10-20 minutes before our serve time depending on the size of the event.  If there are delays in service time we must know no later then 30 minutes before our serve time.   We are not responsible for food going cold if guests do not start eating at the serve time we are given. If we have to extend our service time to fed guests, we have to charge a fee outlined in the next section.

Serve Time:  Each invoice has our serve time.  Extending this time is 20% every half hour of the affected portion of the invoice (appetizer, dinner and/or affected staff).  We may not be able to extend our on site due to other catering commitments and may not be able to accept time changes to your event less then 7 days.

Service Staff/Additional Services: Additional staff to pass appetizers, help keep the buffet tidy or help guests with the custom pizza option (as outlined on each of those pages descriptions).  A separate invoice will be sent for any services and are not included in our standard pricing.

Final Payment/Invoice: We recommend prepaying for your event by sending in a check 7 days before your event or by credit card.  Client agrees to have final payment ready for staff at the beginning of our service by certified check, credit card or cash.  Credit card payments have a convenience fee of 3%.  If using a credit card please provide WiFi if cellphone service is questionable.  If we are delayed in leaving due to trying to collect our final payment we charge $75.00 every fifteen minutes.

Guest Count: Due to creating our whole menu from scratch, growing and sourcing organic ingredients, we accept guest count changes no later than 14 days. The total number of guests can not be reduced by more than 10% due to losing other potential bookings, staffing, and logistical costs.  We may be able to accommodate larger guest increases based on our schedule.

Invoice Changes:  Due to committing to caterer your event we lose out on other potential larger bookings, yet we honor our commitment.  In-kind, we expect you to honor your commitment to us.  Your invoice details the food and quantity of items you agree to buy for your catering.  If you insists on changing the invoice it will be considered liquidated damages and the nonrefundable deposit will be forfeit to cover our damages.

Deposit & Cancellations: Your deposit is nonrefundable and collected to cover our liquidated damages for scheduling, staff, time, lose of other bookings, etc.  It is hard to measure our exact loss so we collect this non-refundable deposit as an agreed upon amount of our damages if you cancel your catering.  This section of our terms and the notice provided on your Square link when you pay the nonrefundable deposit serves as our Liquidated Damages Clause.

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