A Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering Farm

A Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering Farm

Growing Farm Fresh Herbs & Vegetables

Our Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering Farm Fresh Organic Herbs and Vegetables.

Our Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering herbs are grown by us to insure a
farm to fork sustainable standards we grow all of our own herbs and most of our vegetables.

We found it very difficult to obtain a volume of organic quality herbs and heritage vegetables in the Los Angeles area,
which is essential for an artisan food provider.  Great flavors can only be achieved through the use of organic farm
fresh herbs and vegetables.  Our one acre “farm” currently grows most of what we need year around for
our mobile wood fired pizza catering.
mobile wood fired pizza catering requires fresh growing your own herbs and vegetables

No other woodfired pizza caterer is growing their own herbs if even using all organic herbs.  It is important for us to not only have the best flavors and quality but wholesome food.

My rural upbringing and early exposure to the artisan food movement developed a deep passion for good wholesome food.  I hope you will share in this passion and enjoy our labor of love.

Farm Fresh Vegetables for Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering

Growing our own vegetables organically on our own one acre farm to bring to you the very best possible flavors.

What other Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Catering Company even comes close to any of this?

Most caterers buy their ingredients from broad line food distributors or large warehouse suppliers. These organizations have lower standards for quality and organic then you can buy directly at any number of retail outlets. We were a bit shocked first coming to Los Angeles just how low the overall quality was from food distributors. So one of our goals was to grow our own.
Thank you for reading and we hope to share our passion with you soon – chef Tony.