Mobile Wood Fire Pizza Catering

Gluten Free Options

and Our Amazing Dough

We have served our dough to thousands of people with gluten issues – our owner had his own gluten sensitivity!

Be Warned: No mobile pizza operation can serve a true gluten/wheat free pizza due to cross contamination, flouring the dough to slide it into the oven, using the same oven and preparation area.

If you have gluten free guests unable (celiac, wheat allergy) or unwilling to try our pizza …
we individually package (in a compostable disposable container) a separate meal for $25@ guest.

Gluten-free dough is such a poor health option if it can be avoided and our dough is amazing.
Share this page with your gluten free guests or feel free to have them contact us.

mobile wood fire pizza catering grinder


Low speed fresh grinding heritage grain, non-GMO, kosher and chemical free (laboratory tested) whole wheat berries. Processed flour has all of the nutrition and flavor removed (oil, wheat germ and bran) grinding at high temperatures to kill bacteria. Commerically grinding wheat is one of the reasons we have gluten allergies.

low speed fresh ground flour for mobile wood pizza catering


Commercial wheat is sprayed with pesticides and insecticides; then the processed seeds are treated with fungicide. The storage silos are lined with vermicide and rodenticide and the wheat is often irradiated and after grinding bathed in chlorine oxide. Commerically harvested wheat has helped create wheat and gluten allergies.

mobile wood fire pizza catering starter


We use natural starter, mother dough and yeast. Natural yeast is needed by your body to help break down gluten to alleviate digestion issues. Our modern processing and lack of using natural yeast has created our gluten issues in the last 40 years. Wheat is a complete meal high in fiber, protein, minerals and nutrition.

fermented dough for mobile wood fired pizza catering


Allows Lactobacillus bacteria to consume starch and convert it to lactic acid; improves insulin and glucose tolerance; breaks down gliadin proteins; activates phytase to dissolve phytates helping glycemic load; protects against Candida Albicans; shortens the gluten protein strand and metabolic by-products help break it down.

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A Short Video Showing our Wheat Grinding Equipment In Action Creating and Sifting our Flour.

We hope you can soon enjoy our mobile wood fire pizza catering wheat flour dough!