Mobile Wood Fire Pizza Catering

Mobile Wood Fire Pizza Catering

with Healthy and Amazing Dough

We have served our wheat dough to thousands of people with gluten and wheat sensitivity issues.

Because of our mobile operation, we can not serve a true gluten/wheat free option.
Be aware no mobile wood fire pizza catering can stop cross contamination!

Natural yeast, fresh ground flour and fermentation is the new gluten free, find out more below:


only Mobile Wood Fire Pizza Caterer who uses …

Heritage grain, non-GMO, kosher, chemical free (laboratory tested) and fresh stone ground whole wheat berries for better flavor. Processed flour has had all of the nutrition and flavor removed (oil, wheat germ, bran, bacteria, endosperm), fresh ground flour keeps this intact.


Our Fresh Ground Flour is Chemical Free.

Commercial wheat is first sprayed with pesticides and specific insecticides; then the processed seeds are treated with fungicide. The storage silos are lined with chemicals such as vermicide and rodenticide and the wheat is often irradiated. The grain is then processed at high temperatures while grinding (killing all nutrition) and bathed in chlorine oxide.

mobile wood fire pizza catering starter

Natural Yeast helps your body digest gluten.

We use the time honored method of starter, mother dough, natural yeast. Natural yeast is needed by your body to help break down gluten and other foods to alleviate gluten digestion issues. Hence why our modern processing and lack of using natural yeast has created all of our gluten issues in the last 50 years.

fermented dough for mobile wood fired pizza catering

natural fermentation makes all the difference.

Optimizing bio-availability, health benefits and to perfect the taste. Allowing Lactobacillus bacteria to grow and do the following; consume starch and converts it to lactic acid, improves insulin and glucose tolerance, break down gliadin proteins, activate phytase to dissolve phytates helping with glycemic load and insulin response.

Feel free to Google these topics to add depth and information to any subject above.


A Short Video Showing our Wheat Grinding Equipment In Action Creating and Sifting our Flour.

We hope you can soon enjoy our mobile wood fire pizza catering wheat flour dough!