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mobile pizza buffet choices sign created for los angeles catering event.

Mobile Pizza Service Types

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Entertainer Style – pizza buffet up to 6 choices (2hr service) – $15@ person
Artisan Style – the guests create their own custom pizzas (2hrs) – $18@person

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mobile pizza additional food appetizers with organic options

Organic, All Natural Scratch Made

Food Menu to Accompany our Pizza Party Catering.

Add our award winning chef created, organic all natural food options to your event! Use the above link to discover our bites, starters, sides and appetizer menu.


mobile pizza signature pizza menu

Making Pizza Fun With Our Menu

Mobile Catering Pizza Signature Menu

Pizza Buffet, choose 6 pizzas to fit your group from our innovative menu that will have guests talking about the amazing flavors and fun names!


mobile pizza signature pizza menu

Coffee, Beverage and Additional Staff

Service Staff and Beverage Choices

Hire additional staff to pass appetizers, open beer and wine, water and beverage stations. Organic Small Batch Roasted Coffee, Pour Over and Cold Brew.


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