Mobile Pizza Party Oven Hire

Mobile Pizza Party Oven Hire

Rolled Right to Your Door
Order Process Summary

Building Our Own Unique mobile pizza party oven hire for your event.
A Short Video we created while building our unique portable pizza ovens.

Our Mobile pizza party oven hire details

We custom built our oven for our unique style of dough,
to produce a high volume of pizzas while producing amazing flavors …
and adding rustic charm everywhere we go!

Our Mobile Pizza Party Oven Hire it and we roll right to you.
It is the smallest professional oven available.
Setting up in driveways is fun for guests and a great experience for everyone involved!
Do not be fooled by smaller oven caterers and their product quality!


mobile pizza oven hire straight to your door

Easily located in decorative driveways and locations with low impact on grass, stone and tile 
due to being far lighter weight then all other professional ovens.

The oven weighs 600 pounds fully loaded.

mobile pizza oven hire it now for your event

The intimate size and feel of the mobile oven blends into the environment better then any other,
while adding its own rustic charm.

The oven is only 58″ wide

mobile pizza oven hire driveway application

There are a few limitations:

It can not be picked up and carried (it is very top heavy and hot!).
Steep grades, slopes, ramps and bumps will need the Prius with 9ft width to maneuver the trailer.
The trailer requires 58 inches wide and 85.5” high, if the width is close it must be level.
The oven can rest on compacted gravel, grass, dirt and other firm surfaces but never on flammable material.
It can not go over curbs, steps or large bumps (it is not safe or good on the equipment).
The oven cannot go through houses or next to flammable materials (it’s hot!).

REMEMBER do not worry if the best position for the oven is on a street or in the driveway.
Guests love to be greeted by a chef and we put on a show!

Our Intimate Custom Built Mobile Pizza Party Oven Hire it Now for Your Next Event!

Thank you for considering our unique services – any concerns feel free to contact us below