We provide additional staff on a per case basis on a separate invoice (other then hired staff to pass apps or shuttle pizza). – $90 first two hours min. – $40@ additional hour.

Our Fresh Wood Roasted Living Fire Organic Bird Friendly Coffee puts on a Show for your Guests.

Custom Pour Over made to order with Yogi Tea and Organic Hot Chocolate $4@ guest (30 min.) (add plant based hot cups and lids .20@ guest).

Our Mandatory Coffee Expert schedule when coffee is set out and assist your guests minimum one hour $50.00@ hour

Our Artisan Crafted Cold Brew purchase separately $3.50@ or with coffee $2.50 @guest (30 min).


We create a coffee and dessert buffet decorated to greet guests.  Coffee + 3 desserts get an extra attendant to help guests and an extra half hour of service.

Other options available let us know your needs.

Did Someone Say Dessert?

Our Head Chef and Owner has extensive pastry experience – special request just ask.

Molten Chocolate Drops
$2@guest (batch of 50)

Award winning melt in your mouth fresh baked amazing …  Created last 20 minutes of service – no pizzas.

Chocolate Brownies $3@guest (in batches of 25)

Natural leavening to make our 8 ingredient chocolate fudge masterpiece – can be served anytime.

Tiramisu $4.5 @ 3″ x 3″ square per guest (batch of 20)

Our own wood roasted coffee and fresh made lady fingers knock this classic out of the park with our chef inspired twist.

Other Dessert options, let us know your interest our own used to have a scratch bakery.

Vanilla Bean Cheese Cake
$3@ (in batches of 25)

Presented bar style to allow guests to mix and match their love of great desserts.

Espresso Cheese Cake $3@guest  (in batches of 25)

Our Fresh Wood Roasted Coffee Highlights this wonderful Dessert presented bar style.

Chocolate Shortbread Pumpkin $3@ (batches of 25)

A new spin on an old classic with wonderful spices and chocolate shortbread crust.

Fresh Lemon Bars $3@guest (in batches of 25)

Taking boring lemon bars to new heights with shortbread and a secret spice.


Charcoal filtered & our fresh grown organic seasonal fruit and herbs (sage, rosemary, lavender, basil, lemon, etc)

$2@ guest (50 min. add ice .25@ guest – add plant based plastic cups .25@ guest)