We provide additional staff on a per case basis on a separate invoice (other then hired staff to pass apps or shuttle pizza). – $90 first two hours min. – $40@ additional hour.

Living Fire Our Fresh Wood Roasted Bird Friendly Organic Coffee.

Fresh Roasted the day before your event and made per order $5@ guest (50 min.) (add plant based hot cups and lids .20@ guest).

Self serve: set out before we begin food service and packed up 30 minutes after food service window (not advised with bigger groups).

Coffee attendant:  schedule when coffee is set out and assist your guests.  Can extend the time past dinner or set up anytime attendant is present.

Add Our Artisan Crafted Coffee We Cold Brew the day before your event or purchase separately $3.50@ guest (50 min).

Let us know your ideas for packing our fresh roasted coffee as wedding favors or gifts.

Coffee and dessert stations for after dinner service:

We create a coffee and dessert buffet decorated to greet guests.  Coffee + 3 desserts 1 hour free.

Other options available let us know your needs.

Infused Water Station

Charcoal filtered & our fresh grown organic herbs: Mint & Cucumber – Lemon & Rosemary – Orange & Sage- Lime and Lavender:

$2@ guest (50 min. add ice .25@ guest – add plant based plastic cups .25@ guest)

Artisan Custom Crafted Soda Station.

Soda Fountain style pre-chilled carbonated water using Portland Syrup – Vanilla Rooibos – Hibiscus Cardamom – Root Beer – Ginger – Black Cherry – $4.00@ Guest (50 min.)

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