Mobile Brick Oven Pizza

Mobile Brick Oven Pizza

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Our Terms and Information about Our Mobile Brick Oven Pizza

Our Mobile Brick Oven Pizza Terms/Conditions/Details:


We believe in working with our clients to overcome the challenges that may occur from the complications of life.  Feel free to contact us to work through any issues before, during and after an event.

Lighting: We need an appropriate amount of area light for people to see their pizzas and to interact with guests.  We bring our own spot lighting under our tent to prepare food.

Time Schedule/On-site Time/Serve Time: We serve for a two hour window and arrive 1.5 hours to 1 hour before (mobile brick oven pizza heat up takes one hour).  We need thirty minutes to break down, if we do not have access to leave after 30 minutes we will bill $50.00 every half hour.  Extending the service time (feed window) is 10% of the invoice total every 1/2 hour.

Trash/Clean up: We will remove our own pizza preparation trash but can not take party and guest trash.  Please provide your guests trash disposal near the service area.  We are unable to clean dishes, utensils, flatware and equipment on-site as we use natural hand sanitizer.

Guest Count: We accept order changes within 7 days (+/-10%). Above 10% increases in guests count can require 14 days advance notice for scheduling and staff changes. We do not accept guest count reductions of more then 10% less then 14 days.

Food Service/Presentation: We do not have corn plastic ware and paper plates unless requested.  We bring boxes, napkins and provide all natural plant wax paper for pizzas.  We attempt to reuse boxes (they can not be recycled once in contact with food). Click here for more information and pictures about our portable pizza oven setup

Trailer Space and Area Preparation: The mobile brick oven pizza is lightweight, intimate and small it does have limits. Need more technical information about our mobile brick pizza oven Click Here for size, weight, space needed and pictures of our mobile pizza oven hire details.

Do not worry if the best position for the mobile brick oven pizza is on a street or in the driveway. Guests love to be greeted and we put on a show!

Private Parking: Client agrees to provide private parking near the mobile brick oven pizza for our load in vehicle, additional oven vehicle and the number of employees required to feed guests.  Any parking costs will be paid at the event by the client.

Final Payment/Invoice: Client agrees to have final payment ready after the agreed service window made by check, credit card or cash.  If using a credit card please provide WiFi if cellphone service is questionable.

 Deposit & Cancellations: We charge up to a 30% deposit.  We try to work with everyone and may be able to move a date (weekends are very popular) at no charge. Your deposit is non refundable for many reasons beyond just our cost and time, we do lose that day and time for other bookings that would have followed through (we have many bookings over a year in advance).

Need more details about our mobile brick oven pizza catering policies feel free to call us.