Mobile Brick Oven Pizza

Mobile Brick Oven Pizza

Policy and Terms

Our Mobile Brick Oven Pizza Terms/Conditions/Details:

We believe in working with our clients to overcome the challenges that may occur from the complications of life.  Feel free to contact us to work through any issues before, during and after an event.

Lighting: We need an appropriate amount of area light for people to see their pizzas and to interact with guests.  We bring our own spot lighting under our tent to prepare food.

Time Schedule:We arrive about 1 hour before our agreed serve time(mobile brick oven heat up takes half an hour).  We need thirty minutes to break down, if we do not have access to leave after 30 minutes we will bill $75.00 every half hour.  

Serving Delays:If there are delays in pizza service time we need to know as soon as possible (we make our food fresh on site). If we have to extend our service time due to customer delays, we have to charge a fee outlined in the next section.

Serve Time: Each invoice has how long and when we serve for. Extending this time is 20% every half hour of the affected portion of the invoice (appetizer or dinner service and affected staff). If you have an appetizer hour this extends the total service time to 3 hours of continuous service any breaks in service count towards the total time (start at 3pm we stop at 6pm).

Trash/Clean up: We will remove our own pizza preparation trash, but can not take party and guest trash.  Please provide your guests trash disposal near the service area.  We can only scrape dishes, utensils, flatware and equipment on-site.

Guest Count: We accept guest count changes no later than 14 days of +/-10%. We do not accept more then a 10% reduction in guest count due to losing other potential bookings, staffing and logistics.

Parking: Client agrees to provide parking near the mobile oven for our load in vehicle, additional oven vehicle and the number of employees required to feed guests.  Any parking costs will be paid at the event by the client.

Final Payment/Invoice: Client agrees to have final payment ready after the agreed service window made by check, credit card or cash.  If using a credit card please provide WiFi if cellphone service is questionable.

 Deposit & Cancellations: We charge up to a 30% deposit.  We try to work with everyone and may be able to move a date (weekends are very popular) at no charge or apply your deposit to another catering. Your deposit is nonrefundable and collected to cover our liquidated damages (scheduling, staff, time, lose of other bookings, logistics, etc). It is hard to measure our loss so we collect this non refundable deposit as an agreed upon amount of our damages if you cancel your catering with us it is forfeit. This section of our terms and the notice provided on your Square link when you pay the non refundable deposit serves as our Liquidated Damages Clause.

Invoice Changes: Due to our committing to caterer your event we lose out on other potential clients often times they will have more guests or want more food, yet we honor our commitment to you. In kind we do not allow changes to the number of food items you commit to on your invoice (3 appetizers, 2 salads and pizza cannot change to 2 appetizers, 1 salad and pizza). Your Invoice details the types of food and services you agree to buy and commit to for your date. If the client insists on changes they will be liquidated damages and the non refundable deposit will be forfeit to cover these damages.