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Wedding Reception Catering in Joshua Tree California

With 300-plus happy couples, we know our way around the ceremony zone. One that keeps surprising is how many food vendors approach these special days like just another “gig”. Marriages are as rare and distinctive as the couples bringing us together from BoHo to Glam.

A Truly Unique On Site Caterer

We think of ourselves as a value, but we are not the cheapest food service choice. You can reference our pricing sample page below to see our unique approach to food and if we are a good fit in your reception budget.

〈Plant: Sibiricum〉

Service Styles Buffet and Family Style

〈Plant: Chive Flower〉

No Rubber Chicken Plated Meals Here

No one wants to look at someone else’s plate and wish they had it. Plated is so yesterday, no matter what modern twist (duo protein, french service). We want your guests to be able to pursue new flavors by trying what they want. One of the great things about pizza it is made fresh with many different flavors.

We Offer Buffet and Family Style Catering

A pizza buffet is the most efficient and affordable as your guests get to play, and we can respond to their needs more efficiently. Family style is how your new combined family can eat at once while sharing their first meal passing food to each other and sparking conversation.

Award Winning Creativity

Simple to Full Service Adding Staff Time as You Need

Our Farm Seeds to Your Fork

Private One on One Chef Table Tastings

Due to our truly unique approach to crafting seed to fork, 100% organic, and all handcrafted, our tastings are far more involved than other caterers, and compounded by our large menu + busy schedule forces us to offer tastings only to clients, feel free to use this link for more details.

Our Terms Are Outlined Below Our Invoice

We do a wide range of wedding reception meals, from informal backyards to some of the most extravagant venues, so with this range, we keep our terms simple to what we need to make your special union even better.

〈Plant: Dianthus〉

Add Dessert, Late Night Snacks, Pour Over Coffee See Our Menu

We want your wedding to be special and food is such an important part which requires our packages based on your group size, see our pricing samples below:

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A pizza wedding caterer serving Joshua Tree California.​ Seed to Fork, Organic and All handcrafted Food Experience.

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