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From Celebrity Exclusive Events to Casual Backyard Gatherings

Due to our truly unique mission to grow, harvest and create combined with our Italian American Fusion menu (pizza), we cater a wide array of events through out the year.

With This Range of Social Events We Have a Lot of Options

To support our farm, kitchen and teams we have an event minimum of $2500 and go from formal family style sit down dinners, to drop off items (no minimum), to just passed appetizers or pizza only buffets.

〈Kodiak Mustard〉

Private Event Self Service Buffet or Family Style

〈Red Sorrel + Allium〉

Self Serve Buffet

Buffet is the most efficient and affordable as your guests get to play with food choices to mix and match while using our food signs to choose.  Also, we can respond to needs more efficiently.

Family Style Sit Down Service

Guests are seated in groups of 6 or more so they can pass sides, salads and pizza to each other, this service requires more staff and food than buffet to make sure everyone has choices.   Recommend you create preprinted menus.

Just Pizza or Passed Appetizer for Large Celebrations

Simple Just Pizza Buffets

Depending on the time of year and the popularity of the date we can entertain groups of 50+ for pizza buffet.  It is recommended to do this for lighter food functions and casual gatherings not dinner focused events.

Appetizer Passing Events or Drop Off

For large functions needing 200+ appetizer passed portions or we pass our pizza as slices.  For special events we have drop off available in our wheat grass compostable oven ready containers.


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$2500 minimum for on site oven - drop off available for no minimum.

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