We have the smallest mobile professional wood fired oven we custom made, yet it has some requirements:

  • No curbs or steps.  We can only go over soft grass, bumps, +5% grades, thick sand and gravel if set in place by our vehicle.
  • 60″ of width and 90″ high with clear sky above for smoke – best a bit away from guests due to our wonderful wood smoke!
  • Oven vehicle needs room to maneuver with the oven attached when backing up (10ft wide).   Pulling forward needs room to detach the oven to the side and back out (12ft wide).
  • Not go through structures (it is hot when we leave) or near flammable materials above us.  We must approve a flammable surface and wood smoke can stain a close surface.

Our Professional setup and equipment can not be on +3% grade (our equipment slides) – our oven can be but must be leveled from tongue side.

  • Tent: We bring our own tent for lighting and shade.  We have 8×8 and 10×10 foot tents, let us know if there is a preference.  If you plan on us not using our tent we need ample lighting and shade.
  • Self Contained:  We do not require electricity or water and bring our own tables, utensils and buffet service ware
  • Area we need:  Room on one side for guests or staff to approach.  The ovens takes an additional 4-8ft depending on direction and tongue placement along with the tent size you choose.
  • Lighting:  Appropriate amount of area light for guests.  We bring our own lighting under our tent.
  • Dinnerware: Plates, cutlery and passed appetizer costs are covered in our food menu section.

Our Setup and area needed

If you need help with placing our one of a kind set up please email us pictures of the area and we can help (we also Google review your location if available).

Service Suggestions

  • Service:  Pizzas are fresh made so making guests approaching all at once limits choices, frustrates guests and creates a boring line.  Like any buffet service a staggered approach is best.
  • Buffet Service:  If the dinner buffet is not located next to the oven preparation area additional staff will need to be hired to run pizza beyond the staff to maintain the table and answer guest questions.  
  • Custom Order Service:  Guests must come to the oven area to order to insure proper orders, pizza expediting and questions get answered.  Guests stay by the oven to retrieve their pizza.
  • Close of Service: We will let you know about last call 15 minutes before the end of our serving time – we may initiate this sooner if groups are done eating to start clearing and put away food so it does not go to waste.
  • Breakdown: We set up and clean up our preparation area and remove our own trash.  We do not clean up other areas or trash unless we are contracted to do so on our invoice. 
  • Payment:  Final payment ready via certified check, CC or cash, prepayment is recommended for busier events.
  • Trash:  We do not collect trash or buss unless we are contracted to do so.  We never provide trash cans or receptacles.  Please rent, provide or get temporary trash receptacles for your guests.
  • Parking:  Client agrees to provide parking near the mobile oven for our load in vehicle and the number of employees required to feed guests.  Any parking costs will be paid at the event by the client.

Packing up and Breaking down

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