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Pizza Catering Behind the Scenes

Unique dough, organic ingredients and farm to fork practices.


Pizza Catering Options and Pricing.

Party packages, food options and signature pizza menu.


Pizza Catering Order process.

Ordering, oven requirements and party details with pictures.


pizza catering fresh grinding our own flour
(grinding our flour)


The Only Pizza Caterer that …

Fresh grinds their own non GMO, Certified Chemical Free Heritage Wheat Berries; then

adds natural yeast and ferments to alleviate gluten digestion issues while creating exceptional flavor.

Grows their own organic herbs and vegetables to insure a farm to fork sustainable experience.

Makes all of their own menu using organic, farm fresh, all natural and even some kosher components.

All crafted by a chef with over 20 years of creating innovative award winning flavor combinations; who

built our ovens specifically for our pizza style and an intimate size that can be rolled to your door.

A truly one of a kind pizza catering experience!

pizza catering growing fresh herbs
(growing our herbs)

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